Friday, October 31, 2008

PJ To Reslove Civic Issues - Still a Dream

Year 1987: Soon after i finished the 10th std, i took to photography thus ensuring my childhood dream to become a responsible youth by ensuring the all the civic issues are looked into through the frames which i would be taking for a then local tabloid - 'The City Tab', which of course is closed now. This dream is still up in smoke even after i have worked in 6 newspapers across the country in the past 20 years. In all this 20 years of hard work there is only one satisfaction which i recall every now and then to take solace is that of a picture i had taken 17 years ago and was published in the Times of India - Bangalore edition. The two images showed about 20 school children crossing an gutter lane with their bags on their shoulders and their shoes in hand, then next image showed them washing their feet even as some children put on their hoes in the back drop. The state of Karnataka was under President's rule than and i had the good fortune of this political instability. The adviser to the then Governor, Dr P C Alexander took note of this images and asked my editor and myself to meet him at 11.30 the same morning. Only to be take to the spot along with a MEG team which in an record time of 4 hours set up an floating bridge as a suprise for the school children returning home. This is the only one good civic issue which i was able to slove all along till date.

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