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Thieves walk away with Naga's Mobil sets

Ujjain, April 26, 2004: If a Naga Sadhu were to tell you that his mobile phone is stolen, your instant reaction might be; how you managed to carry the gizmo in the first place?
However for Baba Ram Giri and Veer Giri who lost mobile phones, theft was a shocking reality. More so, because the suspects are from among the devotees who had thronged to listen religious discourses of the hermits.
Given their clouts, resources and following, losing mobile sets or such sundry belongings is not a big deal for the Sadhus. The theft, nevertheless, reflect on seamy side of the ongoing Simhastha.
Ram Giri said that he lost two mobile phones in the past three weeks at the Simhastha. The thieves, he suspects, came to listen to my religious discourse and walked away with the mobile sets.

Baba Veer Giri, another Naga Sadhu, claims to have lost two radio sets, one mobile phone and Rs 2000 during the Ujjain stay. He also suspects the thieves were from among the devotees.
However, Ram Giri Baba says thieves may take away what ever they want from us but we also have devotees coming with offer to more that make good the losses.
Lesser mortals don't have such good luck though in case fall victim to theft.
Lakshminaryan who had come all the way from Himachal Pradesh with his family was left stranded on the bank of the river Kshipra with only their under garments a week ago. All their belongings were stolen.
They tried to lodge a complain with the local police only to be told that they should have been a little more alert about safety of their goods.
Veer Giri and me footed all their bills and ensured that they reach back home safe adds one of the good Samaritans Ram Giri Baba.

Mahayogi Pilot Baba talks on his mobile to one his is devotees at his Akhada at the Simhastha venue in Ujjain, 2004.

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