Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doctor at your doorstep!

This story was given after I happened to attend a media briefing on the portal that the Bangalore city doctors had launched. Though I was not in a position to write anything great and since the Bangalore Mirror was very city centric I had to dish out some piece with a lot of information for the benefit of the readers. The health sector is an important one and hence I gave it a shoot and wrote some four odd words which were fine tuned by Anil Nair, a good friend and Senior Editor of the Bangalore Mirror. This was published in the Bangalore Mirror on the 5th of February, 2008.

It is something that almost all of us have gone through: the anxiety resulting from a nascent ailment, the travails that precede its diagnosis and subsequent treatment, when we are literally clueless as to the right specialist to consult, or, having at last identified someone, the whole rigmarole of setting up an appointment etc. Now, all that could be just a mouse-click away.
A newly launched portal has an area and category wise directory that lists all doctors in various parts of Bangalore and provides a thumbnail of their respective specialties.
“Currently we will be providing a comprehensive list of all doctors, hospitals and clinics in Bangalore, with specific information like address, phone numbers, specialization etc. in due course we will also venture into setting up proper appointments for clients for doctors of their choice,” said Manohar K S, president of the portal, which was launched on Monday and was inaugurated by Dr Prabakaran the Vice Chancellor of the Rajiv Gandhi University for Health Sciences.
The portal is run by a dedicated technical team working for Ur-identity, a web and graphic design company offering internet solutions for both business and NGO’s.
“Of course, we will first seek the concurrence of the doctors whose names we list. As such, it is good advertisement for them. As of now, we are doing it free of charge but once we enhance our services, we may consider subscriptions,” Manohar, who has relocated from the US and has contemplated, launching this portal since 2003, said.
The portal is not concerned with ailments alone. It focuses on the wellness issue too. The site offers expert tips on fitness, on how to fight stress and on generally having a proper attitude towards work and life. To this end it also provides addresses of health clubs, fitness centers and yoga schools in various localities. Apart from this the portal also has various in-depth articles and research papers related to myriad health issues.

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