Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dave the American Farmer

The work displayed below was part of my learning at the PJ (Photo Journalism) school of University of Missouri on the fine art of essay telling through images.
These images were taken over a period of one week at the 49th Missouri International Cliff Edom Photo Workshop which was held at Carthage an small town in the Mid-West of US in Missouri state in 1997.
This Photo Essay is of David E Howard a American farmer who runs his own workshop for spare parts apart from taking care of his 200 odd cows in a 25 acre farm land. Dave relishes on his food with a mouthful and enjoys coffee with a scramble board.
Dave relishes on his food with a mouthful and enjoys coffee with a scramble board, while his day starts very early at 4.00 am and goes to bed at 10.00 pm.

Dave and his wife Nadine during their early morning walk at 4-15 am.

Dave prepares breakfast and Nadine washes the previous night utensils.

Dave has his breakfast even as Nadine packs his lunch for her husband.

Dave after driving down to town relaxes with his school mates over a cup of coffee.
Dave says that the payment is rotated every day among them and adds that it just feels great to talk to old school chums and feel young.

Dave's office entrance with his children's photo and the 'Who's Who' honor plate.

Dave gets down to work by holding the customary meeting with his senior employees.

After the meet and planning for the day Dave checks on the newly build bike by one of his employee and suggest a few changes.

'Time to clear all my bills' Dave clears all the pending bills and says that he never trusts an accountant and the more so the Judicial guys.

This sign board is a proof of Dave's Hatred for them including a host of other professionals.

Dave play's a game of solitaire on his PC after having his lunch which wife Nadine had packed for him.

After a lose in the game it's time for Dave to put his fingers to work.

Dave loves his Land Rover and listens to light music while driving down to his parents house.

Dave on his way to his parent's checks the old 1915 Austin car which he has purchased and now sprucing it up at a friends car shop.

Dave and his father try to finish a scramble board which they left unfinished the previous weekend as Nadine chat’s up her mother-in-law.

Dave on his way home checks up on his friends who were preparing for the 'stake night party' at the all men club premises.

It's feeding time for his horses and cows at his farm house after he picked up all the corn leaves from the club premises.

Every weekend between 4 to 5.30 in the evening the Howard family has their regular guests. Dave relaxes in his drawing room with his guests and family friends the Wakefield.

After supper and seeing their guest's off the Howard couple take a long walk in their farm with the dusk setting in.

Dave takes a loud yawn showing how hectic his day was and then says that it's time to retire to bed.
Well for 56 year old David E Howard this is 'one normal day work' and Dave says that though he knows he is getting old he feels younger as day's go by.
This photo essay was one great experience for me during the 49th Missouri Photo-Workshop, at Carthage Town, with a population of 10,000 people.
Since me being an Indian this experience of working with an American Mid-West farmer gave me the immense knowledge on the differences between the farmers in the West and Asia, in particular the Indian farmers.
David E Howard and his wife Nadine were very nice to me during my one week of stay with them and looked after me like one of their own kids.
I also thank Mr Bill Kuykendall, Mr David Rees, Mrs. Julie Elman, Mr.Kim Komenich and Mr Lois Raymond, and a host of others who spend their valuable time with me , ensuring that I develop the art of story telling through images, during the 49th Missouri Photo Workshop.

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