Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sense of Sharing

The below picture which fetched me the Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards for the year 2002 in the International submission section, held annually in the USA. This also got me the annual Photographic Society of India (Mumbai) and the India International Photography Council award.

Wetting their Throat … A cow and a girl quench themselves as the heat wave soared above the 43 Degree Celsius in Bhopal on 21st May 2000.

This picture happened when I was returning after covering a daily assignment for the Hindustan Times in Bhopal and I had lost my way since it was my fourth month in the lake city of India. I happened to land into the outer part of Bhopal city near the Kaliya Sot Dam, and this picture was taken even as I was riding my scooter.

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