Sunday, June 7, 2009 jail in the making

This story I got because of my personal contacts which I had built inside the Bhopal Central Jail administration. They called me to tell me that they have set up computers with internet facilities for the use of the jail inmates. This was the first of its kind in the jails in the country and so I went ahead and visited the jail to know from the inmates on their new hi-tech facility provided to them by the authorities in 2001.

IT would be IT or time for the 30,000 odd prisoners in the various jails across the State next year as they get trained to make use of the latest computer technology and the Net. This huge project was initiated by the DG Prisons Shakeel Raza who said that linking the various jails through computers is a better alternative to manual labour dependent and expensive work.
Talking to the Hindustan Times, Raza said that the first phase is to link all the central jails and then later on link the sub jails to them.
The project is costly says Raza and adds that ‘though the Police Head office has shrunk our budget we will go ahead with it.’
Some prisoners who are learning computer operations at the Ass jailer and the jailer’s office within the jail premises say that they are having fun with the computer and have a better opportunity to get a job once they are out of jail without having to pay to learn it.
The jail Superintendent says that even official letter written to higher officers are typed and saved by the jail inmates on computers.

All bio-data’s and old files of the jail inmates are now keyed in and loaded onto the system that would enable anyone around the world to access them.
The cost of the new conference room done up at the jail head quarters has been marginal for the jail department as the total man power came from the jail and only the raw materials had to be bought for them says DG Raza.
The jail department has ambitious ideas of creating a well-stocked CD library so that the CDs are duplicated and used in various presentations made by the state police department and other department within the State.
“The project in very big and we have plans to educate the inmates along with my officers on video conferencing in the near future,” says DG prisons Raza, ‘this will enable all to know each other well and thus reduce the burden of paper work for the officers’. This would also act as a medium for education on various vocations taught in the jail and thus reduce the problem of looking for good teachers, he adds. But there would be checks and balances and filtering too on the use of the computer with internet facilities.

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