Friday, June 19, 2009

Two men on a right (s) mission

This story was by sheer chance when I was roaming the streets of Bhopal that I saw these two guys on the motorbike whizzing past me with a Karnataka registration in Madhya Pradesh during my stint with the Hindustan Times, Bhopal. I overtook them and asked them to stop to have a word, only to find that they were on an all India tour to spread the awareness on human rights. My story for December 8, 2001 was done.

Two bike riders from the silicon city of Bangalore have made it their mission to ride all the way to the National Human Rights office in New Delhi in an effort to raise awareness about human rights.
They would submit a memorandum to the NHRC chairman demanding social transformation for peace and development on the “World Human Rights Day” on December 10.
S V Giri Kumar and K R Shiva Kumar from the Peoples Movement for Human rights were on their way to Gwalior on Sunday, when they spoke to Hinduatn Times in Bhopal about the small but assertive movement they have begun.
They began their journey in Bangalore on December 5 and reached Bhopal at 12 on December 8. They would reach Gwalior tonight for the last leg of their five-day ride.
They feel their expedition would spread the knowledge of human rights among villagers so that they can approach the commission to exploit to the maximum. Shiva added they have had very good response at almost all the stops they have had so far.
Citing their experiences till Bhopal, they said students in almost all the villages have had no time to think about human rights violations in their respective villages as they were preoccupied with their studies. The working classes have little time to spare for such concerns, Giri Kumar said.
Asked about their ride through Madhya Pradesh so far, both replied with undisguised disgust that the State had few roads or street lights, not to speak of the near-absence of safety markers on the highways.
They hoped the State Government would do something about the roads and provide clean potable water to villagers.

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