Monday, August 10, 2009

Second Edition - World 10K marathon 2009 through images

These pictures were taken during the second edition of the World 10k Marathon which was held on the 31st of May 2009. As expected the citizens of the silicon city woke up and ran they did with passion and grit. The images below speak for themselves as a city of techies and world of corporate with the professional runners from the world over ran shoulder to shoulder to make yet another success of the sunfeast – procam event. They were more than 25,000 runners in second year, which ran for fun and fun they did have.

The huge crowd with a variety of age groups run together at the 2nd World 10k marathon in Bangalore on 31st may 2009.

The Serious Runners

The images of some of the serious runners who sweated it out but with a smile to complete the 10k marathon and make every Bangalorean feel proud of themselves. The passion, grit and the mood of competing is eveident from the images above.

The Fun Runners

Some of the runners who ran with fun and glamor.

Runners with a Social Message and Cultural Ethos.

All for Conservation of nature and ensuring a better environment for the future generation.

Do not purchase pirated DVD's but get to see the original ones.

Uplift of the underprivileged and ensuring that they give the knock out punch to poverty and hunger.

The show of cultural diversity with traditional attire ranging from Coorg to Kerala.

The Passion to run and to help the others is evident from this boy crippled with one arm pulling a wheel chair person for the finish
in the handicap run.

Finally the Elite Men and Women run

The pack of Elite Men and Women run past the Silicon city's U B City towers on Kasturba Road.

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