Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Billy Bowden Farewell to A V Jayaprakash

These images were shot during the first edition of the Indian Premier league (IPL) during a the match between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the Mumbai Indians at the Chinnaswamy Cricket stadium in Bangalore. This match was going to the last one for AV Jayaprakash who hit the headlines along side Anil Kumble when he became the first umpire in the world to declare all ten wickets in an innings of an test match by the same bowler.
As I had reached earlier than the match scheduled time with rain playing spoil sport and a 1 hour delay in start of the match, this gave me the opportunity to move around and look for some unusual images. So when I saw Brent Frazer 'Billy Bowden', chatting up with AV Jayaprakash, I took some pictures of them together only to be told that he will be standing in his last match as an umpire. This made me to ask AV Jayaprakash to get close to Billy so that I get an better picture of them together. Suddenly AV (popularly called by his friends), started to pose with the hooked finger in typical Billy trade mark.

Umpires Billy Bowden and A V Jayaprakash pose for an picture at the Cinnaswamy Cricket Stadium.

Billy Bowden and AV Jayaprakash watch the pitch being dried up along with KSCA Secretary and the newly appointed CEO of the Bangalore Royal challengers Brijesh Patel (left), and AV Jayaprakash and Billy ask tghe ground staff to sort out a few wet areas (Right) at the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium in Bangalore.

Billy Bowden signaling a Sixer and a all on the ground four during the IPL match between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the Mumbai Indians. Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya of the Mumbai Indians are seen in the backdrop (right).

Flying Billy Bowden signals a wide in typical copy book style at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore.
Billy was at his frivolous best and the most active members on the field through out the match which eventually the Bangalore Royal Challengers lost to the Mumbai Indians.

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