Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Luck is needed always

In the field of Photojournalism one needs a little luck to land up with good pictures for the benefit of the readers and the more so that the newsroom likes it. So when I came up with this picture on 23rd February, 1990, the then chief reporter of the Times of India had rejected them saying it was not good, but with a bit of luck and hard sell to the news desk it made it to the page 1 the next day. Soon after the picture was published on the front page the then BMP (now BBMP) sprang into action and repaired all the leaking pipe lines on that Hosur road Wilson Garden junction.

Luck and a little maneuvering of her tiny wrist fetch this young girl pots of water through a tiny gap between pavement slabs on the Hosur main road. But with summer here, her luck might not be so good a few weeks from now. Even the broken pipe down under might dry up like the taps in the city during summer.

This pictures was published on the February 24th, 1990 issue of the Times of India in Bangalore.

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