Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Full Moon Delights

Shooting images during the full is fun and any photographer will love it. I for the past first two years during my 6 year stay in Bhopal had taken a loads of images on the winter migratory birds, but the one picture which was escaping me for a very long time was them flying into Bhopal pass the full moon. This scene was first witnessed in January 2002, during my off day out with my family members when I was watching an open air Indian Classical dance show at Ravindra Bhavan during the Lok Rang event which is organized annually during the Republic Day celebrations. So the next year in 2003 I went to the same spot from where I had witnessed the good picture possibility the previous year on a daily basis during the 3/4 to an full moon and to my luck I got the picture which I had visualized the previous year.

This picture got the front page in the Hindustan Times - Bhopal Edition on the 17th January, 2003.
The next picture of the full moon was taken spontaneously during my daily assignment in July 20th, 2004.

When I was covering the Para sailing training for NCC students at the Kerwa area in Bhopal, I Noticed the full moon and quickly adjusted myself for the final picture to be taken which I had already visualized. With the concept set I had to run quickly to take position as this picture of the Para sailor was the last round for the evening around 7.00pm. The light was fast fading and I had to increase the ISO so that my shutters speed too would increase substantially. As I kept running I kept framing it with my Nikon D-100 camera body and an 80-200mm, f2.8 lens. Out of the 8 frames I was lucky to get this one frame sharp.

This picture was used in the Hindustan Times – Bhopal live edition page 1 on July, 21st 2004, and got a lot of positive letters from the readers.

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