Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maneka Gandhi & Ashok Singhal left to fend for Themselves!

During the swearing-in-ceremony of the B S Yeddiyurappa's Government on the footsteps of the Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore two of the right wing leaders were left to fend for themselves. Since I was shooting the pictures outside the soudha after the swearing-in,I happened to spot Maneka Gandhi running from pillar to post trying to find an car which will drop her back to the Bangalore International Airport. Most supporters of the BJP from the southern state of Karnataka did not know who this high profile lady was as they kept asking each other who this VIP was. These pictures was published in the Bangalore Mirror with an small story as how an former Union Minister of the NDA led government had been treated at the grandest Swearing -In ceremony of the BJP party in South India, as this was the beginning of the party's entry into the land of the Dravidians.

Former Union Minister Maneka Gandhi was left stranded on the foot steps of Vidhan Soudha after the Swearing in Ceremony of the B S Yeddiyurappa Government in Bangalore. She had to virtually plead with Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal to drop her off at the airport for which the Punjab Chief Minister readily obliged.
The second person who had to fend for him self was Vishwa Hindu Parishad's International President Ashok Singhal. I noticed that he was sitting in an chair while being surrounded by his protection men on the walk path outside the main entrance of the Vidhan Soudha, even as other senior and junior BJP leaders were busy munching into their first state sponsored delicious meal inside the Vidhan Soudha. As I approached to take an image of this scene the special protection men asked me not to but I went ahead and got a good frame of the man who is committed for the Hinduism cause.
The grand old man of Hindu cause was seen sitting and wiping away the sweat rolling down his forehead and brow from the 2008’s May month heat.

VHP International President Ashok Singal was left to fend for himself on the foot steps of Vidhan Soudha after the Swearing in Ceremony of the B S Yeddiyurappa Government in Bangalore. His body guards had to get a chair from elsewhere when nobody came to receive him and take him to the stage, forcing the Hinduism leader to see the swearing in ceremony from the Road side itself.

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